As an artist, discovering visual inspiration within the natural world is central to my practice. I’m a painter working with oil, gouache, and ink. I also experiment with cut paper, textiles, found objects and photography. In my long-standing practice, subjects have ranged over landscapes, explored the narrative and combined abstraction with the everyday object.


I use paper, paint, ink, wood and found materials to create elements that I then shape into something that reflects but does not imitate nature. Some pieces are source imagery that develops as paintings, some are three dimensional constructions, while others take the form of articulated paper pieces that are ready to get up and walk away, if given half a chance.


My preferred materials, such as gouache, rag paper and the compositional potential of collage, all produce magic moments that lead to the next discovery. It’s the sturdiness of these materials that permits me to push and pull ideas around.


My processes take time and I’m willing to allow for this. Some pieces have lingered for years before finding the true way to move forward. And always, I’m looking to create visual structures that echo something that occurs naturally, something that reflects the perfectness of nature.