Kate Scoones



I'm an avid maker of things; paintings, drawings, articulated cut paper objects, small constructions with fabric and wood, collages and photographs as well as writing creative short fiction. These practices are sustaining and are central to my experience of time and of being alive.

            Drawing came naturally to me as a child growing up on a small west coast island. It was not a hippy life though, but one of pioneer beginnings, scraping by and making do. It was also filled with magic and fantasy, living in such close contact with nature. Discovering the ability to draw helped me to form a sense of myself as an individual.

            In my practice, I gather source materials from random and unexpected places; discarded paper, bits of metal and wood, cardboard, and vintage magazines. I catalogue and review these materials regularly, taking photos to record temporary assemblages. I break apart and overlay images to form something fresh. I make large drawings in ink and gouache using sticks and dried flowers as tools. Colour saturation is central to the work and drives the emotional content. My work incorporates familiar settings with people in mundane or awkward situations, creating a narrative of domestic weariness or banality. Recently, while still using representational elements, my work has shifted toward fantasy, the off-kilter and the arcane.

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